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UV2L Field VHF Antenna

About Us


Our amateur radio club was founded in 1993 and unites hams from Kharkiv region of Ukraine.

Main callsign - UT0LWR.

Contest callsign - UV2L.

History of the TDR Association


On October 4, 1993, the group of Kharkiv hams including Nick Panchenko UX7LQ (SK), Alex Tsilyurik UT1LR, Nick Zinchenko UX1LZ (SK), Bogdan Dyakiv UX7LM, Vasily Ostroverkh UT1LL and other well-known radio amateurs held a meeting and decided to create the Kharkiv association of radio amateurs "Society of the Friends of Radio" (abbreviation TDR in Ukrainian).

The name "Society of the Friends of Radio" was borrowed from the past (as such organization existed since 1924) to remind the descendants that there always was a strong radio amateur community in Kharkiv.
Since 1994 the newly created TDR ham radio club started active work with radio amateurs of the city and quickly gained popularity and support. We worked with young people, CB radio users and supported ARDF.

Ten times the delegation of TDR club attended the world-wide ham-fest in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Also our hams attended hamfests in Lithuania, Russia, England and other countries.

In 2003, UT0LWR, a club radio station named after Victor Rusinov (UT8LL, SK) was created, which later united the hams of the Kharkiv region and became the HQ TDR club station.

Our association co-operates with and supports radio amateurs of the region - the amateur radio club Iziumsky Shlyakh (town of Izyum), a group of radio amateurs of Zolochiv and Andriivka.

We organize several regional ham radio contests - Slobozhansky Sprint, Youth Cup named after Victor Rusinov (UT8LL) and VHF Championship of Kharkiv oblast.

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