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Support Ukraine

Please put your callsign in a message when making your donation via PayPal. Thank you!


Support Kharkiv, Ukraine and our Club

We live in Kharkiv. This was our beautiful city...

And this is Kharkiv after Russian attacks. Unconquered!

Hello guys,


Due to the email requests from the Hams from many countries, we created an account for the support.

Now you can send your donates to our PayPal as follows:

On February 24-th, 2022 Kharkiv city was attacked by Russian occupants, but never conquered. Russian military criminals are bombing the civil infrastructure and sending the rockets and shells to the residential areas.

Some of our Club members in Kharkiv region appeared to be in the occupied areas by Russians and we still do not have any information about them. There is no electricity, water, gas, mobile connection and internet there, and there is no way to evacuate.

Some of our Club members will need support due to their different situations. We are trying to be informed and will share the donates by the priorities: Kharkiv Hams, Ukrainian Army, Local Volunteer and medical organizations.

Today all ham radio activities in Ukraine are suspended due to the war with a cruel enemy. So the only way to defend our Motherland and enjoy peaceful life and our hobby is to win in this war and defeat the enemy.

We ourselves donate to our Ukrainian Army and would be grateful if you could support our country in these tough times.

The list of Foreign Supporters is published on our website and will be regularly updated:

- donations up to 199 USD - Bronze Trident level

- donations 200 USD and more - Silver Trident level

- donations 300 USD and more - Golden Trident level

Thank you very much! United we stand! Divided we fall!

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